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Line of Oslo

Line of Oslo was founded in 2006 by Line Varner. Today, Line of Oslo is a well-established clothing brand in Norway and Scandinavia, with around 300 wholesalers, as well as stores in Germany, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy & Australia.

Line of Oslo is preppy hippie, for strong women in all ages and shapes, with focus on good and comfortable qualities, suitable to our vision:

“Feel good every day!”

In addition to must-have basics, the brand has grown to offer everything a wardrobe needs. Items you can easily dress up and down, and that complement a woman’s shape.

We are a tight-knit girlpower team who believes in empowering each other and rolling up our sleeves.

…And remember

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Line of oslo headquarters

Line of oslo headquarters

0277 OSLO


ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. It is an awful disease that is close to our hearts. We have designed a Fight ALS T-shirt where all the proceeds funds ALS research.


an organization we love! They work to create a fun, safe and active upbringing of children and youth, with particular regard to those who do not have such a life. Line of Oslo donates clothes to Ung Norge several times a year. In 2016 Line of Oslo was awarded for their work for child welfare.

PRODUCT QUALITY is everything!

We work every day to find the qualities that meet our environmental requirements, feels wonderful and make you look fantastic at the same time. For example our suppliers must make sure not to use hazardous chemicals in production.

We love to use qualities such as organic cotton, linen, bamboo and tencel. Tencel is fantastic; it is cellulose from eucalyptus trees from sustainable forestry. The UN has given tencel the European Environmental Award because the production process is a 99% closed production cycle!

You as a customer should feel assured that Line of Oslo is doing everything we can to ensure our production and goods. This has been a main focus for us since the beginning of this adventure.

People are our success!

It is important that all the people involved in our production cycle are treated with respect and have good working conditions. Therefore, we have a close relationship with the factories we work with, and set high standards for all our suppliers. We believe in people, together we can do incredible things!

ANIMAL WELFARE is a matter of course for us!

No animals should suffer in the making of our collections; hence we use fake fur. If we use real fur it is from sheep that has been used in food production.

No one can do everything alone, but together
we can help make the world a little better.